The system with two AMD Epyc 7601 inferior pair Intel Xeon Platinum 8180

In the database SiSoft Sandra appeared, the test result server processor AMD Epyc 7601. More precisely, a system based on two such CPU. Recall, this is the flagship of the generation of Naples, having 32 cores running at frequencies of 2.2-3.2 GHz. TDP is 180 watts.

Since the parameters are known to us, interesting test results. In this case, it is possible to compare them with the results of the system with two brand new Intel Xeon CPU Platinum 8180. This CPU has 28 cores, and frequency is 3.4 GHz, if you believe. By the way, the average frequency during the tests in the case of Epyc 7601 accounted for only 2.7 GHz.

AMD Epyc 7601
Intel Xeon Platinum 8180

Arithmetic Performance

Arithmetic Performance Per Thread
The 9.7 GFLOPS
11,96 GFLOPS

Media Performance
1347 m/s
4855 m/s

Multicore Efficiency
237 GB/s
236 GB/s

In addition, in the test Cinebench R15 AMD scored 6879 points, and the Intel — 8301 score. As you can see, in General, the Intel processor performance with fewer cores. However, the Xeon Platinum 8180 significantly higher frequency and TDP reaches 205 watts. In General, we talk about the advantage of a processor without knowledge of prices has no special meaning. If you imagine that the prices of these CPU will be about the same, the choice will be determined by the performance in specific tasks and requirements for power consumption.



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