The Swatch company took up the development of its own operating system for wearable devices, which will be called Swiss OS

The smartwatch market is now dominated by three operating systems: watch OS, Android Wear and Tizen. Often, companies choose either Android Wear or use their software platform, not even calling it by the operating system.

But the Swiss watch manufacturer, Swatch, have decided that the existing OS is not right for her, so you need to create your own. More precisely, Swatch intends to create its own ecosystem of connected devices. It is intended for smart watches and devices of the Internet of things. This alone shows how changing some watch company in the modern world.

It is known that the operating system will be called Swiss OS. It will have several advantages, the developers. First, this «Swiss quality». Second, the safety and security of the data. Thirdly, ultra-low power consumption. Fourth, the reliability and stability of the OS. And fifth, support for wireless technologies, including Bluetooth LE.

When the first products with this OS, is still unknown.


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