The survey showed that consumers focused on the older version of the iPhone X, and wireless charging interested in them more than Face ID

As is known, smartphone, iPhone X turned out to be very expensive. The Junior version with 64 GB of flash memory in the USA excluding taxes is estimated at $ 1,000. This means that in many regions, the new model will cost even more.

Despite this, according to the survey RBC Capital Markets, referenced in the source, most of the buyers who are going to buy the iPhone X will choose the version with 256 GB of flash memory. Recall that in the United States without tax it’s worth $ 1,150!

More specifically, who is going to buy this smartphone, 57% expressed a desire to purchase the more expensive version. For comparison, last year exactly half of the respondents expressed a desire to buy an iPhone 7 with 128 GB of flash memory.

All in all surveyed 832 people, which in the near future though to buy a new machine from Apple. Of these, 28% said that waiting for the iPhone X, another 20% intend to buy an iPhone 8 Plus, 17% targeted the iPhone 8, but the rest «are distributed» between older models of Apple.

Also there was a separate survey of nearly 4,200 persons, which was to identify the demand function of brand new iPhone X. it Turned out that by a wide margin (46%) lead support for wireless charging. 24% felt that the most important is the Face ID feature, another 14% were in favor of design.



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