The Supreme court has rejected an appeal from Samsung in a patent dispute with Apple

The patent dispute between Apple and Samsung is not over, but, it seems, had begun to bore and judges. Yesterday, the Supreme court rejected an appeal by Samsung, preventing, thus, another round of proceedings, and without having lasting several years.

The appeal concerned the decision confirmed the decision in 2014, but then cancelled as a result of the previous appeal decision on payment of 120 million dollars in favor of Apple.

In other words, a step the Supreme court upholds the decision of the appellate court, which in 2016, supported the guilty verdict Samsung Electronics in violation of Apple’s patents on certain features of the iPhone. In particular, the function of slide-to-unlock, auto correct and quick links (change of addresses and phone numbers on the links). By the way, on the violation of the patent for quick links to have most of the money — $ 99 million.

Specify that the Supreme court’s decision in a separate section regarding the payment of 399 million dollars, had been made earlier in favor of Samsung. In October, the case was assigned to a new trial.

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