The suit, developed by specialists Ford, allows you to experience a hangover

Driving while intoxicated is one of the most common causes of road accidents. However, it is dangerous to drive under the influence of negative residual effects of alcohol on the body. To demonstrate the sensations of the driver on the morning after intoxication, the specialists of the company Ford has developed a special «hangover costume».

The suit weighs more than 17 kg. It includes the vest, the weights for limbs, headset, glasses and headphones. Acting on the user, the elements of the suit can recreate the sensation characteristic of a hangover, including fatigue, dizziness, throbbing headache and problems with concentration.

The costume is created with the participation of specialists of the German Institute Meyer-Hentschel Institute in the framework of the program of learning safe driving Ford Driving Skills For Life. It is anticipated that it will attract attention to the problem of hangover driving and encourage drivers with a greater sense of responsibility towards road safety.

Source: Ford


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