The Storage module Mod for smartphones Moto Z has flash memory, battery, USB ports, HDMI, USB-C and even the reader

The concept of modularity proposed by Lenovo in smartphones Moto Z really was the most successful. This proves at least a considerable number of third-party developments.

Another such module is a Storage Mod. It is easy to guess that it was about a module with its own drive. A choice of versions available with 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB of flash memory. But that’s not all.

First, the module also contains its own battery capacity of 2800 mA·h And secondly, it has USB 3.0 ports (x2), HDMI, USB C, micro USB, headphone Jack and SD card slot. Moreover, the module supports the wireless charging technology (QI) and has an IR port.

Dimensions are not specified, but it is clear that the module is very thick when compared with by smartphone. At the moment the Creator of this device trying to get it to release funds on the site Indiegogo. Requires only 7,000 dollars, but collected only 12. The very same module you can get for $ 190 in a version with 32 GB.



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