The statement about Apple and Taiwanese suppliers called false

Known thematic resource to Patently Apple stated his view on the Taiwanese publication Digitimes, retold in the news «In China believe Apple will be tough, if production of the iPhone will transfer to the United States.» Without further ADO he called false statement about Taiwanese suppliers, who allegedly did not follow Apple.

The fact that the intention of Apple to organize the production in the US, even if it reaches the stage of practical implementation, will not affect the manufacturing of Apple products in China. Smartphones, tablets and other products will be as if nothing had happened, to get off the Foxconn conveyor and used in them are all the same ingredients, produced by local enterprises.

As for production in the United States or other countries, the actual will also be in the company Foxconn. Trying to expand and strengthen relationship with Apple, it will build a new supply chain, filling in the missing links as through cooperation with local entrepreneurs and by creating their own businesses.

Source: Patently Apple



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