The state Duma approved a ban on anonymizers

A couple of weeks ago we reported that in the state Duma a bill to prohibit the use of anonymizers and VPN to visit blocked websites.

As it became known, the state Duma adopted in the first reading of the bill. If it will be finally, under the ban can get popular resources, search engines and app stores (Google Play, AppStore, etc.). Also Roskomnadzor will have the right to block sites, which will contain information about the means of bypassing locks.

The bill was developed in Roskomnadzor on the initiative of the security Council of Russia, the amendment is aimed at «improving the effectiveness of restricting access to information resources, access to which is limited in Russia on a legal basis».

Under the ban can get different software platforms, operating systems and their technical portals, such as portal Microsoft support describing setup of VPN with different versions of Windows. Also under threat were the browsers that offer bypass locks.


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