The SSD Team Group T-Force Cardea Zero size M. 2 is equipped with a radiator of graphene and copper

Company Team Group announced the release of its solid-state drive T-Force Cardea Zero. Unlike its predecessor with a similar name, the new SSD size M. 2 equipped with a massive aluminum heatsink, and a thin radiator made of graphene and copper.

According to the manufacturer, the new radiator provides good cooling. Moreover, its compactness allows to use a SSD T-Force Cardea Zero in laptops and tablets. The thickness of the radiator is just 0.18 mm.

The proposed storage volume of 240 and 480 GB. The resource is respectively 335 and 670 TBW TBW. Drives PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe support Protocol 1.2. Model with capacity of 240 GB speeds up to 2600 MB/s in read mode and up to 1400 MB/s in write mode. The model has a capacity of 480 GB, these figures are 50 MB/s higher. The performance in recording mode with random access reaches 140 000 IOPS in the case of SSD 240 GB and 150 000 IOPS in the case of SSD is 480 GB. Maximum performance in read-only mode in both cases is 180 000 IOPS.

Team Group


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