The specialists of iFixit rated the repairability of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Assessing the maintainability of casoa Apple smart Watch 2, the specialists of iFixit, almost simultaneously with the same purpose disassembled smartphone Apple iPhone 7 Plus. The device received a score of seven points on a scale. As usual, following the showdown was mounted a video in which noted strengths and weaknesses of the design.

The advantages of the stuff attributed to the relatively simple replacement of the battery and the reliability of the Home button, which is touch. Note that the touch buttons there is a weakness.

Reinforced compared to the previous model protection against dust and moisture makes it difficult to repair. On the other hand, the possibility of damage to the smartphone from dust or water has decreased, and with it the need for maintenance. As before, the replacement of any component requires disassembly of the screen is challenging because of the improved sealing.

A definite drawback specialists iFixit read adding a new type of cogs, with the result that in some cases, repair may be needed four screwdrivers.

Source: iFixit



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