The special design of the printed circuit Board in the new Apple smartphones will significantly increase the capacity of the battery

Well-known analyst at KGI Securities Min-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) said that the iPhone of new generation, which will be equipped with OLED screens, get a larger battery. In particular, the model with a screen diagonal of 4.7 inches will receive a battery capacity of 2700 mA·h, which automatically implies an autonomy of approximately on the level of iPhone 7 Plus, or even higher.

The battery will consist of two cells, situated as you can see in the image below.

Also, you may notice that the printed circuit Board such a device will be very small. This is necessary in order to increase the battery to keep the size and thickness of the body. And this will be achieved through the use of a specialized printed circuit Board consisting of several individual layers.

Interestingly, for the next-generation iPhone with the IPS screen is nothing like you will not use it to mean the worst autonomy. Although recent events indicate that the new iPhone with IPS screens may not appear.



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