The speakerphone Phoenix Smart Spider that can be installed on the ceiling, offered in white

Phoenix Audio Technologies announced the availability of a new version of an intercom speakerphone Smart Spider. It has index MT503-W and differs from the basic model that is painted white.

The Smart Spider features the manufacturer considers the possibility of installation on the ceiling. It makes it suitable for rooms with low top and allows you to rearrange tables without worrying about wires to connect speakerphone.

To be placed on the ceiling you will need a mounting bracket MT334 and power supply MT340. The unit allows you to place speakerphone distance up to 30 m from the computer to which it is connected (provided you keep a record of the negotiations on a PC). The formation of chains of multiple devices Smart Spider (15).

The speakerphone is equipped with a UBS interface (mini-B) connector TRS 3.5 mm external loudspeaker and microphone. Device with four built-in microphone features echo and noise, provides a full-duplex connection. Claimed frequency response is equal 50-16000 Hz, the delay is 10 MS. Diameter MT503-W is equal to 17.8 cm, height – 4.8 cm, weight is about 780 g.

Source: Phoenix Audio Technologies


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