The speaker cabinets are Totem Acoustic Sky used borosilicate glass

The company introduced Totem Acoustic bookshelf stereo speaker system Sky. Two-way AC got the long stroke five-inch bass loudspeaker with three-inch coil and tweeter to the enlarged diameter of 1.3 inch, a separation scheme of the first order is configured for a frequency of 2.5 kHz and assembled by hand. Terminals gold-plated and allow independent amplification for each speaker. The manufacturer speaks of a broad radiation pattern and high resolution in the vocal range.

Internal locks on the ends of the shell provide a more reliable connection, also, the case is strengthened with a special material on the basis of borosilicate glass. Hidden magnetic fastening removable fabric nets do not violate the General view of AC. The Sky Totem Acoustic dimensions are 16.2 x 30.5 x 22.9 cm, the optimum distance from the back wall ranges from 15 to 90 cm, and the distance between the AU from 60 to 240 cm

Nominal impedance and sensitivity are 8 Ohms and 87 dB. The claimed frequency range 48-29500 Hz with unevenness within ± 3 dB, although rightly pointed out that it also depends on the placement in a particular room. It is recommended that the connection amplifier capacity of 30-125 watts-bass loudspeaker is able to withstand transient peaks of the musical signal of 500 watts. Acoustic Totem Acoustic system Sky available in finish natural veneer.


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