The sources report about the smartphone Meizu Pro Pro 6S and 6 Plus

We have become accustomed to the speed with which Chinese manufacturers announce their flagship smartphones. Yesterday, Xiaomi introduced the Xiaomi Mi 5 and Xiaomi Mi Plus, 5S, and now the Chinese sources have reported a new a couple of flagship Meizu.

Two weeks ago, a Chinese analyst pan Sutan (Pan Jiutang) said that before the end of the year Meizu will release a Meizu Pro 6S single-chip system Samsung Exynos 8890 another smartphone that uses the SoC Helio P20.

According to new data, Meizu will present the next smartphone in late October or in November. Now, however, it is reported that Meizu Pro 6S will use SoC Helio P20, and the diagonal of its display will be reduced to 5.2 inches. As for the Samsung Exynos SoC 8890, it will find use in the older model Meizu Pro 6 Plus, which will get a display diagonal of 5.7 inches. The source is not sure whether the curved display.

In addition, the informant claims that Meizu is working on an updated design that will allow you to completely hide strips antennas.



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