The smartwatch market by year-end for the first time will exceed $ 10 billion

Analysts at Canalys predict that by the end of this year, the smartwatch market will grow by 18%. In quantitative terms, shipments are forecast to reach 28.5 million devices. In monetary terms, the market will step over a mark in 10 billion.

The analysts expect a further decline in sales of traditional watches. Due to the increase in the average selling prices in the segment of smart watches, the market for the year in monetary terms will reach two thirds of the market of classical Swiss watches.

Analysts believe that the survival of traditional hours will depend on the creation of a competitive smart models. As an example, proposed the formation of partnerships with companies of the IT market that, in fact, we have already seen.

Judging from the above chart, analysts believe that the smartwatch market will grow fairly evenly until 2021. If the producers do not come up with some new scenarios for the use of such devices, the explosive growth of sales to expect just not worth it.


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