The smartphones from China will be easier to «clean» from unnecessary services and applications

The Ministry of industry and information technology of China (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) published a list of requirements that will apply to smartphones manufactured in the country from 1 July 2017.

The government decided at the legislative level to allow smartphone customers to remove unnecessary pre-installed apps and services. After you upgrade the operating system of the device previously deleted by the user of the application should not recover.

In addition, the smartphone manufacturers will also have to prohibit distributors to install any applications on smartphones without the permission of its owner. These measures are intended to sellers of smartphones are not charged a fee for pre-installed and often unnecessary application and did not disclose personal information about users.

For citizens of CIS who bought smartphones in the Chinese online stores, the news is good because very soon even the inexperienced user can quickly «clean up» the Chinese smartphone from Chinese unnecessary services leaving only the necessary applications.


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