The smartphone market of India goes to Chinese companies. Apple remains the leader in the segment of expensive models

Analysts at Counterpoint released a report on the state of the mobile phone market at the end of last quarter and 2016.

The smartphone market for the year increased by 18%. The segment of conventional mobile phones in the final quarter showed a quarterly decline of 14%, but in annual terms sales grew by 4%, as in the whole on the Indian market in the second half of the year has tended to reduce the rate of transition from standard mobile phones to smartphones.

More than 86 million smartphones sold in the country last year, was created on its territory. In the last quarter about 75% of smartphones were of local production. Approximately 70% of the sold smartphones supported LTE.

In the fourth quarter, 46% of the sold in India are smartphones were made by Chinese companies, an increase of 14% in annual terms. Apple took 10th place at the end of last quarter, having only 2.5 million smartphones. But among the premium units (priced from $ 450), its share reached 62%.

In General, the market leader remains Samsung, which has 25% market share at year-end. In the second place Micromax with a share of 11%, and closes the three leaders Lenovo (including Moto) with a share of 9%.

But if you look at the figures for the last quarter, the picture is very different. The first place remains for Samsung (24%), but further is Vivo, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Oppo, which accounted for respectively 10%, 9%, 9% and 8% of the market. So this year we can expect a significant redistribution in the Indian market.


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