The smartphone market continues to grow only because of the three Chinese companies

IDC analysts estimated the smartphone market in the first quarter. They came to the conclusion that three months in the world were sold 347,4 million smartphones, a 4.3% increase from the first quarter of 2016.

A leader in the first quarter was Samsung, realize of 79.2 million units, taking thus of 22.8%. While a year earlier the Samsung was even the same sales figure.

Apple, as usual, takes second place. In the past quarter, Cupertino giant sold 51,6 million smartphones, taking 14.9% of the market. In comparison with the previous year sales increased only 0.8%. Closes the top three with a Huawei 34.2 million smartphones sold and a share of 9.8%. In contrast to the above leaders, the Chinese giant has managed to increase sales by 21.7%.

Next on the list are Oppo (25.6 million; 7.4 percent of the market; growth of 29.8%) and Vivo (18.1 million; 5.2% of the market; growth by 23.6%). The other manufacturers have the 138.7 million smartphones, which corresponds to 39.9% of the market. Thus a total of all these remaining companies have reduced the supply for the year by 1%.

Thus, the market growth is mainly due to only increasing sales three Chinese companies: Huawei, Oppo and Vivo.


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