The smartphone Huawei may appear in the range of the cellular operator AT&T

Huawei with a pretty large margin occupies the third place in the smartphone market. In 2016, the manufacturer was able to significantly increase sales, having the total of 140 million units.

Despite this, the company is not represented in the United States, while in Europe, Huawei is well-known. The reason lies in the fact that the Huawei smartphones are not offered by any U.S. operator, and the lion’s share of devices in the US is sold by the operators.

But that may soon change. According to sources, Huawei is in the process of obtaining accreditation AT&T for one of its single-chip system Kirin, which is the first step on the way to the emergence of the range of this statement, the Chinese smartphone giant.

What kind of SoC in question is unknown. We can assume that Kirin is a 960, as it is based on the flagship Mate 9 and P10 with P10 Plus. If so, we can expect the emergence of these devices available from AT&T even in the current year. However, accreditation can also apply to any new SoC (970 Kirin?), that is to sell the operator will begin the next Huawei flagship.

Anyway, the US market for Huawei is a great way to increase sales.



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