The slides with the impending broadcast New Horizon reveals details about an eight-core AMD CPU Ryzen

The source has shared his slides, which, apparently, will be shown during an online broadcast of New Horizon that AMD will hold tonight at midnight. Thus, some information about the new processors the company we know now.

First, assumptions regarding the naming was correct. Processors really are referred to as Ryzen. Secondly, the information relates to only one model of CPU. It contains eight CPU cores (16 threads), running at a frequency of 3.4 GHz. XFR technology (Extended Frequency Range) is able to dynamically change the frequency of the nuclei, but details about the specifics of her work yet. In addition, the slide indicates the presence of a 20 MB cache second and third level (total). If to speak separately about the cache in the third level, its the processor 16 MB.

Technology XFR will complement the other two: Pure Power and Precision Boost. The first responsible for that in each moment of time the processor cores were working under the least possible tension, while retaining a certain frequency. The second is the «reverse» way. Precision Boost ensures that at a certain voltage, the frequency was highest. All together this should give processors Ryzen good energy efficiency and performance per watt. The step change in frequency is 25 MHz.

It is hoped that tonight AMD will reveal more details about the new products.



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