The skirt is pleated. What to wear?

Today stylish pleated skirts are at the peak of popularity. This amazing lightweight style looks great in the images as very young girls and Mature fashion women.

More recently, pleated skirt was an item exclusively school uniforms for girls. The clothes were made of dense materials – wool, servants, etc.

Modern fashion offers a stylish skirt is made of light fabrics that give its owner an incredible feeling of airiness and grace.

The concept of «pleated» means pleats. They can be run independently using the iron. At the factory used a special press.
The width of the folds may vary from 5 mm to 5 cm.

The opening of the pleated fabric belongs to the Spanish fashion designer Mariano Fortuny.

He was awarded the prize for the invention of pleated and subsequently received a patent for the mass production of fashionable clothes.

The incomparable popularity the skirt is pleated received in 1907, following a presentation on court fashion critics dress «Delphos». The presentation made a splash in the fashion world.

Spectacular pleated silk dress flowing from the shoulders, emphasized the natural beauty of the female figure.

Long time dress with pleats was used only in house clothes, but everything changed after the public appearance of the famous dancer Isadora Duncan in this spectacular outfit.

After that pleated stuff become a common wardrobe items for many fashionistas, who want to always stay attractive and stylish.

How to choose a stylish skirt pleated

Today, the most popular item of clothing with a pleated skirt is considered. It is more convenient and versatile to create a daily look.

Women choose a skirt with pleats of different widths for forming bows for work or special occasions.


To choose the right pleated skirt, you need to follow a few tips:

  • define the event for which you select the outfit. If you are planning to wear a pleated for work, it is better to opt for models with larger pleats in pastel colors.

For walks with friends or a romantic evening, choose a bright thing.

  • the choice of the skirt depends on the time of year. Truly feminine and elegant this is an image from chiffon, silk and other light fabrics. Winter outfits look better knitted skirt pleated, or of wool fabric.

What to wear with a skirt-pleated

Perhaps the main question that arises in front of the fashionistas – what combination of pleated skirt to look impressive.

Skirts with pleats – a marvelous thing, which looks nice with many types of clothing. This garment is so versatile that it can be worn any time of the year.

Fashionable images with a skirt-pleated

If you are captivated by the elegance of skirts-pleated and can’t imagine their way without them, it is possible to choose several models that differ in color and material.

For office work perfect bows with the skirt pleated in dark colors. Gray, black, blue, green, or brown successfully appear in images with a strict office dress code.

Pleated skirt in black – absolutely a win-win option that will allow you to create a large number of images due to the ability to blend in with the top wide variety of colors.

Very impressive and stylish look outfits with skirts blue, purple, Burgundy, turquoise.

Such an extravagant bottom can be trimmed a fitted blouse tucked inside, and to complement a jacket.

For a bold and bright images as top use blazers and jackets with masculine style, light jacket Park.

Stylish images with pleated skirt

For the warm time of the year presents a huge number of models, but in most cases they have the same length «MIDI» or «Maxi».

With the help of skirts-pleated slit can generate a large number of images – sports, romantic, discreet, elegant, bow, casual style.

More effectively these models look for skinny girls who want to show off your slender legs.

For an evening stroll as the top of your image use a long knitted sweater, a boxy tunic or the other thing, balancing pleats at the bottom.

Stylish images with skirt-pleated: spring-summer

Designers offer fashionistas a variety of options for this stylish stuff. But this year, the guru of the fashion industry advised to pay close attention to models with a metallic Shine.

As top for that luxurious and elegant image, you need to choose plain things, preferably calming neutral shades.

The length of the top can be very diverse. Very original and striking combination skirt-pleated top, which is just a couple of inches reveals the bottom. Skirt as if peeking out from under the voluminous top.

It is desirable to use a fabric completely different textures. For example, stylish looks the set from the bottom in a chiffon skirt and a fur vest on top.

Light almost weightless skirt with pleats is the best choice for summer looks. On the streets you can find fashionable women in pleated skirts of varying lengths.

Current colors that will be at the peak of popularity in the images of the season spring-summer, are clean and bright jewel tones:

  • turquoise
  • emerald
  • Rubin
  • agate

Undoubted favorite of the summer season – a rich Sunny yellow color. This is the main element of the image that goes best with the top neutral shades.

No less popular skirts Nude, which perfectly combined with tops, blouses similar shades, a denim shirt tucked inside.

Skirt-pleated neutral colors fit into any stylish bows. This nude-like outfit looks incredibly stylish and sophisticated.

To create a casual look a good option for the top is white lace spaghetti strap crop top.

For Maxi skirts stylists recommend light long jackets or parkas. Long skirts are perfectly combined with a short shirt, loose cut or sheer blouses tucked inside.

Another option for summer sports – a combination skirt-pleated Maxi length with a t-shirt with a flat shoulder.

Stylish winter looks with skirt-pleated

Neat folds can diversify not only a summer image, but become the main element of a winter bow. Such a thing should not only give the girl elegance and attractiveness, but also to protect it from frost.

To maintain a balance between fashion and practicality should give preference to products made of a thick, warm fabrics.

In winter collections often used are cotton, wool, knitwear, which, despite the dense texture, perfectly convey the folds of the most various width.

Autumn and winter pleated skirt can be combined with:

  • jacket bomber
  • cardigan
  • fur coat or vest

For the winter images you can use skirt-pleated itself in various lengths, but the most impressive looking model on the knee or the floor.

To balance dense bottom, use a blouse of light material or solid turtlenecks.

Fashion color skirts-pleated autumn-winter

In the cold season is dominated by calmer dark shades – black, brown, blue, gray and others.

These shades look very elegant and at the same time restrained. Skirts in this color scheme fit any occasions.

For warm, dry winter, you can choose a pleated skirt to the knee more than light shades.

To combine winter skirts-pleated better with a dark blouse, knit pullover, or turtleneck. On top of that put on your fur coat or leather jacket.

Pleated skirt not so long ago were favorites of our mothers, who in his younger years, sported spectacular images, often in a Maxi length.

Modern stylists again raised to a fashion pedestal of fine pleats, giving this garment a new life. If you want to look stylish and feminine in any season, the pleated skirt should definitely be in your wardrobe.

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