The sights of Russia: a memorial over the vast expanse

Russia is considered to be one of the richest countries in every sense of the word. As for attractions on the territory of the Russian Federation, you can find all varieties of objects of tourist curiosity. A vast territory has sheltered numerous monuments, architecture, natural creations and more. Unique handmade masterpieces are found in every town. Many of them are splendor and beauty, the other is uniqueness and originality. From all this we can conclude that on the territory of Russia will always be something to see and something to experience.

The most interesting places of Russia

Throughout Russia a unique beauty of its sights. The country life without having to travel abroad to enjoy a variety of memorable places.

Novgorod Kremlin

On the territory of Russia in its history had several Fortifications. The oldest of Novgorod is established. The oldest mention of it can be found in historical documents of the 19th century. The first obvious advantage of this place over the others is the uniqueness of the architectural composition. Also noteworthy is the antiquity of the structure. But the main merit of this place in the role that it played in the birth of Russian statehood. Here gathered the Novgorod Veche, was the first and unique experience in the development of democracy in these parts. The building itself was erected under Ivan III. It was he who United Russia under the leadership of Moscow. Only a year after this important event was erected at the Moscow Kremlin.


30 kilometers from St. Petersburg Petrodvorets is located. This is the most famous in Russia Palace-and-Park arrangement, which declared itself to the whole world. Historians and culturologists consider this place the main decoration of Peter.

The idea of creating this wonderful center came up to Peter I, who wished to create a residence that rivals the best in luxury palaces of French kings, and to the Palace of Versailles. Peter was so overwhelmed by this idea that he actively participated in the elaboration of the details of the facades and interior. The result is a stunning complex, decorated with dozens of gorgeous fountains.

Mamaev Kurgan

One of the most picturesque places in Russia, it is Mamaev Kurgan. This is a unique arrangement of monuments dedicated to the heroes who fell in the battle of Stalingrad. The hill received the name during the Tatar-Mongol invasion. On top of that, the company was located Outpost of Khan Mamai.

Solovetsky archipelago

Amid magnificent natural landscape in this place are intertwined centuries of history. There is mention of the sites of ancient people, the Holy monastic rituals, the signs of the Soviet past. In 1992 the Solovetsky archipelago was recognized worldwide and placed on the pages of the world Heritage list of UNESCO.


In the Republic of Karelia is a huge historical and architectural reserve-Museum Kizhi. The institution of the state level. The name of the place was named after the island of Kizhi located in lake Onega. Russia is one of the largest museums under open air. This complex is designed to carry out cultural-historical objectives. The reserve declared the object of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation.

Smolensk fortification

In 1595-1602 years was erected a monumental fortification, which is called the Smolensk fortress wall. It happened in the reign of Boris Godunov and Feodor Ivanovich. The second name of the construction of the «Smolensk Kremlin». The length of the wall is about 6.5 kilometers. Unfortunately, the whole building till our days survived only half of it. However, the structure retained its form for many centuries that characterizes the grandeur and monumentality of the projects of the architect Fyodor Kon.


In the heart of Eurasia is an amazing and unique place. Some countries require that lake Baikal became the property of the whole world, and did not belong to Russia alone. However, crystal clear body of water located on the territory of Russia and completely belongs to our country.

In the Baikal mountain area, this lake is surrounded on all sides by ranges of the giants. Its size is approximately 630 kilometers in length and 80 in width. This pond empties hundreds of streams of different sizes. But most of the water here, brings the Selenga. All of this water at the outlet becomes the only Angara river. The depth of the lake inspires delight – 1637 meters. This is the highest figure for lakes around the world. Baikal scatter of about 30 Islands, of which the largest remains of Olkhon.

Valley of geysers

Kamchatka is located a peculiar natural fountains spouting out of the ground, which in itself remains an amazing phenomenon. In 1941 the valley of geysers was opened by T. Ustinova. This place is a cluster of permanent boiling springs which pulsate and emit a steam jet. In total we counted about 40 pieces. The largest geyser is situated on the left Bank of the river called Geyser.

sight of Moscow

We should also talk about the sights of Moscow, as most of the tourists from around the world seeking to explore the country at its capital. Here are concentrated the main sightseeing: the Kremlin with its values, Red square, Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Also popular among tourists are the Tretyakov Gallery, Bolshoi theatre, old Arbat, Victory Park and Sparrow hills with their viewpoint. This is perhaps the standard tourist route for most tourists.

Of course, all of these places are noteworthy for their grandeur and value in history and culture. But experienced tourists can discover a lot more interesting. For those who like to study the history of the region by architectural elements, should pay attention to the House on the embankment, Pertsov house, Pashkov house, the egg and the house-dresser. Out of the total number of buildings stands the house of Arseniy Morozov, located in Vozdvizhenka. All of Moscow’s mansions steeped in ancient history. It is possible to read the fate of their inhabitants.

Special attention should be paid to the Stalinist skyscrapers. They contrast vividly with miniature houses, filling the winding alleys of Moscow. Even more impressive against the backdrop of ancient buildings produces a new and modern Moscow-city.

In addition, the appearance of the city complement the monasteries and churches. Among them well-known St. Basil’s Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, the cathedrals, Novodevichy convent and other. Many Moscow mansions turned into museums in the open air. Here it is impossible not to note the beautiful and grandiose buildings Kuskovo and Tsaritsyno. As a symbol of Moscow it’s worth mentioning the Church of the ascension, which was entered in the world heritage List of UNESCO.

The sights of Moscow, and the more Russia does not have precise numbers. Life is not enough to explore all the delights created by nature and man. It’s the perfect excuse to return to Russia again and again.

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