The share of Intel in the GPU market fell for the first time in 10 years

Analysts at Mercury Research have evaluated the GPU market in the second quarter of this year. In annual terms, total shipments of graphics processors decreased by 3.1%.

However, because of the new graphics adapters are of the upper price segment the average selling price of the GPU has increased and set a new record. Unfortunately, in monetary terms, the source of this record does not describe. This in turn has led to a significant increase in revenues in this segment despite the decline in sales.

Hardest dipped a discrete accelerators. In quarterly terms, the decline reached 20%. And, curiously, the drop in sales recorded only from Nvidia, while AMD’s sales have increased. More specifically, the share of Nvidia for the quarter decreased from 79.7% to 77.2%, while the share of AMD, by contrast, rose from 20.3% to 22.8%. However, if we consider changes in annual terms, it will be that Nvidia still increased its lead over competitor.

In the segment of mobile discrete GPU situation is similar in the quarterly and annual terms. But then, the share of Nvidia less at 63.6% vs. 36.4% from AMD.

Well, if you consider the overall market, then of course the leader will be Intel due to the fact that each sold its consumer processor has a graphics core. As a result, Intel holds 71.5% of the market, increasing its share for the year. From Nvidia, 16.1% of the market, and AMD holds 12.3 percent.

It is worth noting that Intel’s share has declined compared to the previous quarter, and it happened for the first time in 10 years. AMD in quarterly terms, the share of the market has grown, so the company has not happened for four years.



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