The sequential read speed of SSD Toshiba 9200 reaches 5.5 GB/s, sequential write — 3.5 GB/s

The range of SSDs Toshiba led the series Toshiba 9200. The devices in that feature a PCIe interface and support NVMe Protocol.

The drives are positioned as high-performance means of storing data in data centers that use flash memory 3D NAND. The Toshiba 9200 series includes models with capacity from 1.6 to 11 TB.

Speed sequential read reaches 5.5 GB/s, sequential write — 3.5 GB/s Maximum performance on operations with random access in read mode equal to the stated 900 000 IOPS in recording mode — 275 000 IOPS. The advantages of the new SSD manufacturer considers ensuring data integrity at the corporate level and protection from data loss during a power outage.



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