The semiconductor market continues to break records

Markit analysts at IHS claim that in the second quarter of this year recorded a record growth of semiconductor industry in the quarter: the 6.1% to 101.4 billion dollars.

This is the most significant quarterly growth since the second quarter of 2014. Like last year, the main drivers of growth are the memory chips. This segment grew by 10.7%, reaching 30.2 billion dollars. While sales of DRAM and NOR increased even more: by 14% and 12.3%, respectively. It is expected that by the end of the year the market for DRAM memory for the first time will exceed $ 60 billion.

Intel still holds the lead with a share of 14.3% and sales 14.47 billion dollars. However, Samsung got as close as possible: 14.2 per cent of 14.39 billion. That is, in the third quarter may have been a change leader who stayed on the throne for 24 years! Closes the three leaders of SK Hynix with a share of 5.8% and sales of 5.88 billion.


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