The semiconductor business of Toshiba, even Apple is interested in

Yesterday we learned the details on the plans regarding sales of Toshiba semiconductor business. Recall that Toshiba wants to gain from the transaction of 8.8 billion dollars, while leaving one-third stake in the new company.

According to the source, on the background of the new data Toshiba shares have already increased in price by a considerable 13%. In this case, now buying the assets of the company is interested in much more players. And among them are allegedly TSMC, Microsoft, and even Apple! Among other investigators include SK Hynix, Foxconn, the investment Fund Silver Lake, Micron Technology and investment Fund Bain Capital.

We will remind, at the moment, Toshiba is the second largest producer of flash-memory of type NAND, so the interest in the business from the big players is understandable. Although the purchase of this business Apple is still hard to believe, since copertina prefer not to have their own production facilities.

In addition, according to some analysts the semiconductor business of Toshiba can cost up to 17.6 billion dollars, although the company itself is estimated at 13.2 billion.



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