The second went: Apple investigates explosion iPhone 8 Plus

As we reported last week, Taiwan was the first recorded case of the explosion of the iPhone 8 Plus, which at this moment is charged using the proprietary memory.

Another similar news came from Japan. The owner of the iPhone 8 Plus has published several photos showing that the display was torn from the body of the smartphone.

Scenarios of both cases seem similar. Probably, the battery starts to swell due to the accumulation of gases and the screen quickly goes out of its installation space, thus avoiding a rise in temperature inside the case with the subsequent fire.

The representative of Apple public relations said that the company is already aware of these incidents and is investigating the reasons, which caused the explosions of smartphones.

It should be noted that isolated cases of explosions are not something out of the ordinary. Exploded not only Samsung Galay Note7, but also very successful Galaxy S7, iPhone 7 and many other smartphones. If everything is limited to a couple of incidents a few million smartphones sold, no one will inflate out of molehills.



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