The second time Google has presented the Android OS O

Yesterday, Google once again introduced the operating system Android O. Recall that the first announcement was in March, but then we opened only part of the innovations which will be in the final OS. By the way, while it is prophesied the name Oreo.

So, we expect the new OS:

  • Google Play Protect — an additional review of applications for safety. Google has taken Google Play Protect as antivirus scanner. Install on your smartphone, it is not required. The check will happen on Google services and the Play store will be possible to see when something was tested the last time;

  • Notifications Dots is one of the most useful for the average user the new features. It implies that the labels of an app icon will be displayed indicating that it contains a new notification. On long click on the label you will see this notification;

  • Smart Text Selection — smart copying and pasting text. Double or long press on a word in the text, will determine whether this word and its neighboring part of the name, ‘ or something like that. In such cases, this plot will be immediately allocated in full. Moreover, determines what it is the highlighted word or phrase, and offer to run the appropriate program (maps, contacts list and so on);

  • A single form of the icons — now the icons in the operating system will provide a single mind. The user can choose between circle, square with rounded corners and somewhere between the first and second;

    Android O to the left, to the right — Android Nougat

  • Mode «picture in picture» — in this mode a video from YouTube can be displayed in a separate window, minimize the program and use smartphone, continuing to watch the video. This feature will initially work with the Google Duo. Regarding other services and programs data yet.

Separately, you can add that again reworked the notification curtain, once again optimized the consumption of energy resources, improved security, added support for the codec Sony LDAC and HD aptX, expanded the capabilities of the autocomplete feature and the lock screen and more.

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