The second SolarCity founder leaves the company

According to the source, Peter Reeve (Peter Rive), one of the founders of SolarCity, is leaving the company.

The company SolarCity is the largest supplier of solar panels for residential homes in the United States. Eight months ago for 2.6 billion dollars bought Tesla is headed by Elon Musk (Elon Musk), a cousin of Peter.

Peter and his younger brother Lyndon (Lyndon Rive) founded SolarCity in 2006 with the financial support of the Mask. By the way, Lyndon, who previously held the post of the CEO of SolarCity, announced his resignation in may.

As stated, the departure of Peter dictated by the desire to «explore new opportunities». In Tesla he was responsible for the production of solar cells in the form of tiles, which should begin this summer. Now those responsibilities will be distributed among other employees of Tesla.

Source: Reuters



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