The script for the New year 2018 – year of the dog

New year celebrations bring joy to adults and children equally. So the brighter and more varied will be the organization of the holiday, the happier will start the year at big and small guests of the celebration. Creative writing in this issue is the most important. Modern man is difficult to surprise a series of contests and riddles. Therefore, the cultural sector, any company must pay maximum attention to the creation of something new and unusual.

The script for the new year 2018 for adults: Country Jumanji

For the company of adults fit the scenario of the famous stories about the magical land of Jumanji. In the new year interpretation involves Santa Claus, Dog, Hunter, lion and of course maiden. In the game actively involves all the guests of the event. He needs to find the lost in the jungle of fairyland snow white. There and moved the characters along with the guests. Here spectators have to perform a number of tasks, which will have a festive theme.

Game preparation consists in making the playing field about the size of 2 by 2 meters. It is drawn markings like table games-the action, and in cells specified tasks, toast or sector «bonus». As dice you can use a large pillow in the shape of a cube, which is sold in most shops with toys or to create an adequate substitute. You also need to choose improvised shapes that will move around the playing field.

It all starts with the fact that guests sit in the hall and in front of them appears to be Santa Claus. It shows all the game and says that his beloved granddaughter is gone, playing Jumanji. He requested to accompany him into the jungle in search of. To start the game you need to roll the dice. Each member alternately throws the dice and perform the tasks listed on the field. Game interrupt numbers guest artists or the participants themselves, sound toasts and congratulations. In the game you can get bonuses in the form of symbolic gifts and penalty.

In the middle of the game to the guests goes the Evil lion. He tries to eat Santa Claus, but the visitors come into the contest with the villain. It will be a karaoke contest. Leo defeated and removed. The game continues until the appearance of the Hunter. He, in turn, preys on guests, shooting them with a makeshift weapon. It can be snowballs of cotton wool and paper or other items, which you can safely get to the hotel. Each «shot» the visitor needs to give a toast.

In the end, the Hunter also gets defeated. After this test, the guests comes first. She sings and dances to the theme song, thanked their rescuers and gives all the participants with memorable surprises.

The script for the New year 2018 is for children

Children’s activities should also be filled with events. Choice would be a script called: «Baba-Yaga and Kikimora argued in the New year.» To begin to acquire requisite: sweet surprises for young viewers.

The event involved Santa Claus, a dog, two leading, Baba Yaga, Kikimora, a Robber. Each character needs to look fashionable and stylish.

At the beginning of the performance on stage are dummy, Santa Claus and Baba Yaga.

Santa Claus: «every year you two are trying to spoil the party! Make noise, take away the gifts, the tree, hiding…»

Baba Yaga: «we are such. We – evil characters.»

Dummy: «And why is it interesting, all the gifts children receive?! We also want to get something! And best of all!»

Santa Claus: «you could have just said you wanted gifts! And that is tired of your antics!»

The fright, «something’s not right here.»

Santa Claus: «there is a Catch. You have a year to spend, not to cause others inconvenience. And only then I’ll take you to your list of good children. Otherwise, gifts you can not see!»

Baba Yaga: «This easy task!»

Santa Claus: «I believe that you are even one day will not survive.»

Hobgoblin: «let’s bet!»

Santa Claus: «I Agree!»


Heroes shake hands and leave the stage.

Appears on the scene, leading and read a Christmas poem. Then say nice welcoming speech and leave the stage. After them enter Kikimora and Baba Yaga.

Baba Yaga: «I’m tired of being good. Help old ladies, children are not hurt…sadness!»

Hobgoblin: «That’s for sure! And pulls someone into the swamp to steal!»

Then they list the good things that have made and lessons that they boredom involved in. Then friends decide to come back to your old lifestyle. At this time on the scene the dog, she is outraged that the forest edge is not decorated with Christmas decor. Girlfriend find out what this unseen beast. The dog explains that she is the symbol of the year and came into the forest to look around on behalf of Santa Claus. Fright asked, did not look the Dog in the gift list if there are their names. To the outrage of Dogs that friends are not children, they respond that they are only a hundred years and they are still teenagers. After this conversation appears on stage robber. He tells how took of Santa Claus his bag. Kikimora and Baba Yaga scared that their suspect in the theft and begin to scold the Robber.

The dog attacked the bad guys and requires you to back all the gifts were in place. The heroes leave in their place come the presenters and discuss how they tried to find out whether the coming year is good. Then there is a change of scenery. The Christmas decoration is a mess and looks in the mirror. Baba Yaga is next. They discuss how to get out of the situation. Appears The Robber. He is shocked that his companions refuse to participate in the kidnapping. Baba Yaga offers to leave the money stolen under the tree and attach a note of apology. While the fairy characters swear, go Dog Santa Claus. He said: «I was sure you couldn’t take it!». Girlfriends start to make excuses, and the Dog confirms their innocence. Then Santa Claus asks the Thief to return, but he demands a ransom. As ransom is a game with puzzles to be solved. After each puzzle Santa Claus asks for help from kids in the hall.

The rogue still doesn’t want to return the gifts. Then the hobgoblin grabs his bag and throws it to Santa Claus. At this time, the robber grabs the list of gifts and tearing it. But Santa Claus pulls out a tablet and says that he is modern, despite its age. And the list is long stored in the cloud.

Girlfriend interested in Dogs, have they been tested. That assures that the forest was much more comfortable. Santa Claus praises her friends and tells them that they are in the list of good children. All welcome. Go leading and say that all the signs of promise people a great year. Then all the characters read a Christmas poem, sing a song and give the children little surprises.

The script for the New Year 2018!

A Christmas party does not need elaborate scripts. Here, only one host and a set of fun competitions. Every contest need to bind to the symbol of the year and give the competition an appropriate name. For example, competitions where you want to run, can be called a «Dog run.» Pair contests can be called «True friend». By the same principle, names are chosen for other competitions.

At the end of each contest the winners. Among the events will be toast and demonstrated musical numbers. One of them should include the statement of father Frost and snow Maiden, as a symbol of any Christmas celebration. They can dance, sing, or hold a competition.

New year’s corporate event you can not bind to the plot. Not all adults are ready to follow storyline. And various competitions will fascinate almost any guest. Most importantly, to provide diversity and new year’s entourage.

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