The screens are very similar screens micro-LED, will appear in serial products next year

Technical difficulties prevent commercialization of displays, micro-LED. First of all, it concerns the stage of the transfer of microscopic LEDs on a substrate of the display. According to experts LEDinside, the arrival on the market full screens micro-LED will be preceded by the appearance of the same screens but with led slightly larger.

More specifically, it will be the LEDs with a size of about 150 microns. Under the micro-LED is commonly understood as the LEDs with a size of less than 100 microns.

Research and development of technology for its opponent-do LED many companies and institutions, including LuxVue Technology (acquired by Apple), eLux, VueReal, X-Celeprint, CEA-Leti, Sony, OKI, PalyNitride, Mikro Mesa Technology and ITRI.

It is expected that the first devices with screens micro-LED will be smart watches and bracelets.


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