The Screen Recorder feature in smart phones Meizu with Flyme OS 6 has been updated and is now able to record video with sound

After updating graphical shell Flyme, which is used in devices Meizu, the sixth version of the smartphone has learned to keep a video of what is happening on the screen. This feature is very useful for reviewers and bloggers.

This week was released a new update for Flyme 6, which also increased the version to Screen Recorder 2.0. If before users can record silent video clips of what is happening on the screen of the smartphone, now the file is also saved and sound.

Among other innovations worth noting the improved update system which will help you to revert to an earlier version of the firmware or switch from beta to stable firmware.

In addition, after reducing the battery charge level is below 30% smartphone no longer interrupts the running application with the relevant notification, and automatically switches to power saving mode.



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