The scandal around the Galaxy Note7 may force Samsung to release Galaxy S8 (Dream) ahead of time

Developed around Samsung Galaxy Note7 situation turned out for Samsung’s unexpected and incredibly unprofitable. The campaign to recall Note7 Galaxy will cost Samsung $1 billion, but it’s nothing compared to the $14.3 billion market capitalization, which has already paid the manufacturer.

Smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note7 prohibit the use in airplanes and public transport. The Internet is full of headlines about exploding batteries. Sources say that all this may force the Korean company to release a new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 prematurely, as quickly as possible to erase the memory of the public of unpleasant memories about the failure of the Galaxy Note7. At the moment it is unclear how much earlier the usual appear on the market a new smartphone, even if the rumors prove true.

Another source adds that Samsung is working on two Samsung Galaxy S8, which are under the model numbers SM-and SM G950-G955. Perhaps we are talking about versions with flat and curved displays, another option — both smartphone will have curved displays different diagonal.

Samsung Galaxy S8 had the model number SM-G930, so it would be logical to name the new flagship of the SM-G940. However, residents of China, Japan and South Korea are afraid of the number 4 to even invented a special term «tetraphobia».

According to rumors, the new smartphone, which are code names Dream and Dream2, can get a new headphone Jack and SoC Exynos 8895.



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