The Sapphire Pulse 4GD5 Radeon RX 550 Low Profile got a DVI-I port

The company’s product range has expanded Sapphire video card Radeon RX 550 Pulse 4GD5 Low Profile. As the name implies, the device is made on the basis of the low-profile PCB.

From the same name suggests that the novelty is equipped with 4 GB of memory. Its frequency is 6000 MHz, and the core operates at a frequency of 1206 MHz. Dimensions of new items are 180 x 69 x 38 mm. by Itself, a connector for additional power there.

But the most interesting in other. This is the same model, about which we wrote last summer. It differs from other models of its family to the presence of DVI-I, that is, to his using an adapter to connect the VGA cable. This is valuable because most modern graphics cards, even the budget segment, has only digital interfaces and monitors, feature only a VGA port, you have to either buy an older graphics card on the secondary market, or to change the monitor.

Radeon RX 550


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