The Samsung Galaxy S8 will get a high performance Beast Mode

As you know, Samsung is actively working on a new flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8, a portion of new details which appeared online this week.

The Korean manufacturer has registered for use in Europe and the United States trademark Beast Mode, the description of which States that it applies to software smartphones and for high-throughput work.

That is, we can assume that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be several modes of operation that will directly affect not only the performance but also on battery life. Given the rumors that Samsung together with the new smartphone will also release the Gear VR headset 2 and will do even greater emphasis on virtual reality, it seems logical. Fans will choose the VR mode for maximum performance, others will be able to extend the time of the smartphone by setting low frequency components.

According to the latest information, rigorous testing of the smartphone can lead to a delay of its appearance on the market until April 2017.



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