The Samsung Galaxy S8 is on sale 20% worse than the Galaxy S7

The publication of The Bell argues that Samsung Electronics over the same time periods sold 20% fewer smartphones Samsung Galaxy S8 than the Galaxy S7.

More specifically, in the first two months were sold 9.8 million Galaxy S8 and 12 million Galaxy S7. These data are provided by the brokers analysts.

Although may 16, Samsung announced that global shipments of Samsung Galaxy S8 for the first three weeks exceeded 10 million smartphones. Analysts believe that a time since Samsung says sales of Galaxy S8, they had decreased significantly and was worse than the sales of Galaxy S7.

The anonymous source also reports that Samsung has reduced its orders for components for its flagship smartphone.

The representative of Samsung said that the Galaxy S8 originally sold only in three markets, and Galaxy S7 was available in the world. He added that at the moment, the smartphone shipments over the same period are comparable.



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