The Samsung Galaxy S8 is credited with support for biometric authentication based on face recognition

Referring to the publication the Korea Economic Daily, a source claims that the new flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 Samsung Electronics will support biometric authentication based on face recognition. This feature will complement the work of the scanner of the iris.

According to the representative of Samsung, which leads the source, the iris scanner has some limitations in terms of accuracy and speed, so it was decided to Supplement it with authentication based on face recognition. After that, unlocking your smartphone became less than 0.01 s.

The decision by the South Korean manufacturer to give the new device a specified opportunity could be motivated by the desire to get ahead of Apple. According to some data, Apple will replace similar means the fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 8. The announcement of the iPhone 8 is expected in September, while the announcement of the Galaxy S8 scheduled for March 29 and the start of sales — in April. The prototype devices are already being tested.

Source: The Investor



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