The sales of smartphones iPhone in India has fallen by 35%, Android takes up over 97% of the market

For a long time the company Apple is trying to gain a foothold in the Indian market, but things are not as smooth as she would like. After announcing that Apple will open its first stores in India, it became known that the authorities imposed a ban on this initiative, and were not allowed to sell used smartphones. In June, finally, Apple has achieved some success.

Meanwhile, a new report of the analytical company Strategy Analytics indicates that smartphone shipments in India in the second quarter increased by 19% and amounted to 31 million units. India is today the third largest smartphone market, behind the US and China. 29.8 million smartphones accounted for devices that are running Android, their share increased from 90% to 97.1% over the last year.

Supplies of iPhone smartphones in the second quarter decreased by 35% and amounted to only 800 thousand units. However, over the last year, Apple’s share of the market dropped from 4.5 to 2.4%.

Strategy Analytics believes that to strengthen the position of Apple the company it is necessary not only to open their shops, but also primarily to reduce prices.



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