The Russian BLOK computers on the Intel platform Kaby Lake have been successfully tested

Company RTSoft has announced the successful completion of testing of industrial computers Industrial BLOK (LCGT.466259.023 TU O1) and BLOK Rugged (LCGT.466259.023 TU O1) with passive cooling, built on Intel Kaby Lake. Successful validation allows RTSoft to bring the new product to the market synchronously with the appearance of such solutions in the global computer industry. Precise, we are talking about roughly similar classes of industrial and special computer equipment for the energy, transport, industry and special applications.

Target platforms validation was made by the Intel Core i7-7820EQ and Xeon E3 1505M v6 and is paired with the sets of system logic QM175 and CM238 respectively.

As stated in the manufacturer’s, computers BLOK «has successfully passed all stages of functional and crash-test under Windows and Linux, confirming full compliance with the requirements of the design documentation».

Architecture series system BLOK is based on a modular upgradeable platform Type 6 COM Express (PICMG COM.0) and microprocessors Intel Core and Xeon processors for embedded systems. According to RTSoft, this allows not only «to guarantee the relevance of the properties, but to use all of the best world development tools to implement key engineering and business concepts in the IT industry for different markets.» In the areas of application of the BLOK called the Internet of things and cloud computing.

Computers series BLOK is designed for operation in standard (-10°C to +50°C) and extended (-40°C to +70°C) temperature ranges. Open and standard architecture ensures compatibility with Linux, Windows, RTOS and hypervisors. BLOK machine based on new Intel processors now available for review and ordering. The manufacturer provides up to five years guarantee.


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