The rules for the preservation of the tan

Beautiful, bronze tan is exactly what appeals to many girls. It is therefore not surprising that in the summer season they spend a lot of time on the beach and constantly ask the question of how to maintain the tan for longer time. There is no simple answer, and to achieve such a result possible only in a complex.

In any case, you need to understand that the duration of your tan will depend on where it was received. For example, the sea, the sun tends to lighten much faster river. If you spent a lot of time in the sun in the village, the duration will be higher. In addition, it depends on skin type and intensity.

Skin preparation

Before heading out to sea, it is recommended to prepare the skin. This largely depends on how the uniform will be tan. It is necessary to clean it from dead skin flakes.

More thoroughly to do this procedure at the beauty salon. It often happens that the master offers acid or fruit peels. But you can make it at home. In any case, to carry out this procedure better at least 3 days before you go to the beach.

If you omit this clause, then the dead particles will remain on your skin. After exposure to the sun, they are dried a little and the result is peeling. As you know, a leather tanning evenly and most likely very quickly washed away.

Skin care on vacation

Special attention should be paid to skin care during the rest of the sea. Because at this time you receive a long-awaited tan. But it should not harm your skin and health.

Many girls make a big mistake when sunbathing, using tools with minimal protection. It can’t be made in any case, because you can get severe burns. Especially if you not prepare the skin in advance.

If you came to rest in a very hot climate, you get several tools with varying degrees of protection. In the first few days, use maximum protection, which will prepare the skin. The next two to three days can reduce the protection to thirty. For those who want to obtain a luxurious tan, we recommend you to start using the tool with a protection of at least fifteen.

To get a beautiful, even tan you need to properly soak up the sun. Best is in the sun for a short time. Then move to the special deckchair under the awning or umbrella. Your skin will continue to tan, but at the same time, it will not be too harmful. In addition, the effect of this visit to the beach would be more stable.

A prerequisite for a good, even tan is to use funds from the beach. Even if you have prepared the skin and is not carried out in the sun too much time, it is very important to give her a chance to recover. So after returning and showering, use a moisturizing or nourishing cream is not only for body but for face.

Basic rules of preservation of the tan

To get the maximum effect and keep the tan for a long time, it is very important to follow a few not difficult rules.


Gentle cleansing

To stay tanned longer time, it is necessary to reconsider the usual cleansing of the skin. If you like scrubs, you better make it no more than twice a week. More frequent use will lead to the fact that a tan will quickly disappear.

As for bath, here things are not so simple. The fact is that too hot water destroys the protective layers of the skin. The result may appear as flaking and even irritation. This is what you should avoid if you want to stay tan longer. The best option is to shower with warm water.

Shower and bath should not be too aggressive. Look at the brands, which produce gels and foams based oils. Also it is better to postpone too hard sponges and brushes. Instead, get a sponge with natural fibers. Thus the skin will be well cleaned, but not injured and dehydrated.

Remedies for skin

After a shower or bath is recommended to apply body moisturizing lotion or cream. This will help to protect the skin and make it smoother. It is very important when choosing the best way to pay attention to composition. For example, the presence of such components as glycerine, avocado oil, grape seed or vitamin E special skin nourishment.

Proper nutrition

Of course, the condition of the skin and the suntan depends on many factors. One of them is diet. So be sure to drink plenty of water. Make sure the diet was correct fats are found in sardines, salmon and tuna. Regularly eat foods which contain vitamin A. these include apricots, carrots, egg yolks, and beef liver and tomatoes.

To tan the skin for a longer time, try to eat more fruits and vegetables orange. For example, carrots, pumpkin, mangoes, oranges and melons. It stimulates the production of melanin that helps to get an even tan.

The Solarium

If the tan fades pretty quickly, then a great option is the Solarium. But to do it in any case can not immediately after returning from a trip to the sea. Because the skin and so, most likely, is quite dry. Therefore, additional UV her only harm. Only a few weeks later, you can periodically do this procedure for a minimum amount of time. Because of this you will save the hue that received at sea.

These simple rules will help not only get a beautiful tan uniform color, but preserve it for a long time. So be sure to follow each item, buy quality tools and take care of your skin and health in General.

You like tanned skin or prefer a lighter, natural shade?

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