The rotation speed of the case fan Enermax D. F. Storm can reach 3500 rpm

The assortment of the company Enermax has added to the hull fans D. F. Storm. 120 mm new named so due to the high speed of rotation. It can reach 3500 rpm, the air flow reaches 263 m3 noise level of 38 dBA.

But this is the most productive Turbo mode. In Overclocking mode the maximum speed is 2800 rpm, and in Performance mode — 2200 rpm In all modes the minimum speed is 1500 rpm, and the control assigned to PWM.

The MTBF value declared equal to 160,000 hours. You can also note the DFR technology is designed to deal with dust. But its essence is the same as in other companies: when you start the fan for a few seconds rotates in the reverse direction.

Buy the fan will only be possible in December, and the cost is not yet called.



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