The Roman court has banned Uber in Italy

The company Uber has become the market of small revolution. Change the usual taxi service, Uber has contributed to the emergence of many similar services in different countries and gave ordinary people the ability to easily order a taxi, and the drivers are simple earnings.

However, not all Uber met with open arms. You may recall the protests by French taxi drivers who simply destroyed the cars with the emblems of Uber. Now it became known that a court in Rome has banned Uber in Italy due to the fact that the company adheres to the «unfair competition».

The lawsuit was filed the largest taxi associations in the country. In the end, the court banned the use of the Uber application, advertising and, consequently, made it impossible for the service in Italy. Uber must cease all operations in the country within 10 days. The company has the option to pay a fine of 10,000 euros for each day after the deadline.



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