The results of the investigation in Indonesia Google faces a fine in the amount of $ 418 million just one year of tax arrears

A week ago we learned that the Indonesian authorities suspect Google of tax evasion. At that time, no data except on the basis of suspicion, it was not.

Now it is reported that according to preliminary data only for 2015 the search giant has paid into the Treasury of Indonesia a significant amount. The IRS claims that Google has paid less than 0.1% of the total amount of income tax and value added tax for 2015. If the blame of the company prove that the company faces a fine in the amount of $ 418 million.

And it is only as a result of 2015, and the authorities are investigating the activities of Google in the last five years, so that the fine could rise many times over. But even the approximate total amount of the representative of tax service refused to name.



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