The results of testing CPU Ryzen 5 1600

Partially CPU bound Ryzen 5 1400 we have already seen twice. Recall, this is the lowest processor line Ryzen 5, contains four cores with a frequency of 3.2/3.4 GHz. It costs $ 170.

Now in a Network there CPU tests Ryzen 5 1600 cost $ 220. This model contains six cores with a frequency of 3.2/3.6 GHz. A direct competitor of this CPU is Intel Core i5-7600. Unfortunately, in the tests he was not involved, but the list includes Core i5-7600K.

The results of the tests we offer to see the original diagrams.

Special comment these charts is not required, we note only that most of the tests are synthetic, so not necessary to make a final opinion on the new AMD.

The source also tried to overclock the CPU. At a voltage of 1.36 is achieved frequency 3.9 GHz. By the way, when working on standard frequencies, the temperature of the CPU under load does not exceed 65 degrees when using the supplied cooler Wraith.



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