The repair technician explained the love of cockroaches to your console Sony PlayStation 4

With reference to the founder of XCubicle, engaged in repair of electronic devices, a source told love cockroaches to Sony PlayStation 4 console.

As it turned out, the cockroaches are so often found inside the PlayStation 4, coming in for repair that had to introduce a special payment of $25 for ultrasonic cleaning console from uninvited guests and their metabolic products.

According to XCubicle, PlayStation 4 enjoys the cockroaches is a success because of the large ventilation openings which can easily penetrate the device, where the power supply, giving warmth and comfort. Warm insects multiply rapidly. They at any moment can cause a short circuit and bring the console down.

To protect yourself from this unwanted scenario, the wizard advises you to place the console higher on the open, well-ventilated space. And, of course, to maintain cleanliness in the room.

Source: Kotaku



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