The release of the ZX Spectrum computer Next has already collected nearly half a million dollars

On the site Kickstarter is a fundraiser for release of the ZX Spectrum computer Next. Goes successfully with an initial goal to collect 250,000 pounds have already been collected and a half times more.

In developing the system, retaining a complete software and hardware compatibility with the original model ZX Spectrum, attended her designer Rick Dickinson (Rick Dickinson). I wonder what the cost of a new computer if you wish, you can install it in a ZX Spectrum case.

From its legendary predecessor, which this week celebrated its 35th anniversary, the new computer has increased up to 512 KB of RAM (expandable to 2.5 MB), new modes of the graphics subsystem, outputs RGB, VGA and HDMI. In addition, the possible inclusion of the Z80 CPU at a frequency of 3.5 or 7.0 MHz. Equipping the computer includes three sound generator AY-3-8912, SD slot for memory card and a PS/2 port for mouse (emulation mode Kempston) and keyboard.

In the form options proposed components such as the Wi-Fi module, real time clock, built-in loudspeaker. In addition, the new expansion slot called «slot accelerator», you can include a card with a graphics processor, coprocessor, or 512 MB of memory.

Now the minimum Deposit entitling to receive the computer, is 175 pounds. For 99 pounds you can purchase cost without the body. Shipment of boards is expected to start in August this year, and PC Assembly in January 2018.

Source: Kickstarter


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