The release of the English version of Bixby has been delayed again

Advertising the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, the manufacturer has paid great attention to the personal assistant Bixby, which must compete with Siri and Google Alexa Assistant.

However, after a few months after the release of new products voice assistant available only to native Korean speakers, and popular English and Chinese version does not yet have a release date. About Russian yet nobody speaks.

It was recently reported that Samsung has started beta testing of the English version of Bixby, and then it became known that the voice assistant is having difficulty with learning other languages.

Now Samsung representatives in an interview with The Korea Herald has confirmed that the release of the English version of Bixby has been delayed again: «the Development of Bixby and the development of new languages took longer than we expected. The reason is mainly the lack of big data». It is also reported about other problems, in particular, geographical and linguistic barriers that exist between American, Chinese and Korean teams.

The timing of release of English version of the Bixby is not specified.



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