The recognition of Apple’s falling sales of the iPhone hit the European suppliers of components

The data contained in the Annex to the report of Apple for the last quarter, indicate a significant drop in sales of smartphones iPhone.

If in the previous quarter iPhones were sold 78,290 million units, last of all 50,733 million. It is not only less forecast, but last year, equal 51,193 million units, so to attribute it to the seasonal factor will not work.

According to the source, the news of the reduction of sales of the iPhone are immediately reflected in the stock of the European suppliers of components for Apple products.

So, Dialog Semiconductor shares fell 3%. Orders Apple provide approximately 75% of the income of the company.

Developing a GPU company Imagination Technologies has lost 0.5% of market capitalization. However, it is a trifle after in April, its shares fell by 67%, when he became aware of the rupture of relations with Apple, decided to make their own GPU for the iPhone and iPad.

Shares of the company AMS, which supplies optical sensors for the iPhone, fell 2.1%, while shares of STMicroelectronics to supply the motion detectors, — 1.7%.

Source: Reuters



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