The range of microcontrollers Microchip expanded the family of PIC16F15386

Company Microchip Technology announced a family of eight-bit PIC microcontrollers with peripherals that are available regardless of the kernel (Core-Independent Peripherals, CIPs). To the General features of the family models also include a built-in oscillator frequency is 32 MHz and the mechanism to protect the boot section of memory to prevent erroneous rewriting. In addition, there is a protected memory area Device Information Area (DIA) to store a unique device ID and calibration constants. The new microcontrollers are supported by Microchip’s development environment MPLAB Xpress with MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC).

The collection includes 13 models that have 2 KB of RAM and up to 28 KB of internal flash memory and are packaged in housings of the type PDIP, SOIC, DFN, UDFN, and SSOP UQFN with pin count from 8 to 48. Use for eight-bit controller 48-lead building made it possible to increase the number of ADC channels and IO. Now available as evaluation samples and serial products. Wholesale prices range from of $0.33 apiece.

Source: Microchip Technology



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