The range of ID-Cooling was added to the CPU cooling system SE-214RGB

Company ID-Cooling was added to the directory processor cooling system SE-214RGB. Novelty is a variation of last year’s model SE-214C. It is easy to understand by the designation, SE-214RGB characterized by the presence of full-color backlight. But not only that. Lighting decorated fan frame size 130 mm instead of 120 mm, as in the original model. Increased the size of the entire product — from 124 x 76 x 159 mm 130 x 74 x 159 mm.

The radiator and the heat pipes of 6 mm diameter is now painted black. As before, four heat pipes. They pass through the base in contact with the lid of the processor.

Cooling system ID-Cooling SE-214RGB mass 680 g is compatible with most modern Intel and AMD processors for desktop systems. Its price the manufacturer does not name.



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